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Version History of LAN Speed Test (v4)

4.4 (2/18/2019) – Sixth Public Release

  • Fix: Email results to multiple email addresses works again
  • Fix: Certain Listbox columns (Details and View Log) were not sorting numerically when user clicks on column header to sort by that column
  • Fix: If certain settings in pref file becomes corrupt, LST could crash on startup
  • Fix: RTT multiplies by 1000 every time log is edited and saved within 'View Log' tab
  • Fix: Numerous locale language display bugs. LST tests and results are international savvy
  • New! Ability to customize the email subject line
  • New! Add reported IP address to 'Details' tab
  • Other minor enhancements and updates

4.3.1 (12/07/2018) – Fifth Public Release

  • Fix: Pressing the 'Cancel' button while LAN Speed Test is looking for LST Server, would cause the helper app to not close and future tests would not complete until either the helper app (Helper1.exe) gets closed manually or the computer is restarted

4.3.0 (12/06/2018) – Fourth Public Release

  • Fix: When testing in 'Silent' mode, LAN Speed Test would not always log results to correct location
  • Fix: Email Results below... could send email even when results were fine in certain locales or languages
  • Fix: /CHUNK & /PACKETCREATE were not displayed correctly in Auto Command Line Generater
  • Fix: /SECONDS missing from Command Line Arguments
  • Update: New help screen is much more efficient
  • Added Command Line Argument Details to Help

4.2.0 (08/30/2018) – Third Public Release

  • Fix: When testing in 'Silent' mode, LAN Speed Test could get stuck on startup and would either never finish the test or error after a long period of time
  • Update: Other bug fixes and internal updates

4.1.0 (02/10/2018) – Second Public Release

  • Fix: Windows - Registration screen - cursor would stay on the left side of key text box
  • Fix: Mac - Registration screen - paste from keyboard would not work
  • Fix; Command Line Generator misspelled /Silent-True
  • Fix: When performing a large test, and user decides to cancel, it looked like everything canceled correctly, but process could continue to run the test in the background
  • Fix: Windows - When testing over 4 GB (5 GB packets or 10 Packets of 500 MB, etc.), data size displayed incorrectly and results were incorrect
  • Fix: Mac - When testing to smb:// instead of to a mounted folder, LST would crash
  • Fix: Windows - Windows setup did not give option of where to install LAN Speed Test
  • Update: Registration screen - strip out spaces, line feeds, etc. that could make registering difficult when using copy / paste
  • Update: Add more information if registration does not work:
  • Update: Don't show as much fraction in results
  • Update: Add option to change the way packets are recreated after the first one (open and overwrite file or re-create file). Some NAS's test better one way over the other. If the NAS that you are testing to is slower after the first packet, change this option.
  • Update: Windows - faster User interface
  • Update: Other bug fixes and internal updates

4.0.0 (11/15/2017) – First Public Release of LAN Speed Test v4

  • New! Now available for Mac (and Windows) users
  • New! LAN Speed Test and LAN Speed Test (Lite) are now the same application/download
  • New! Ability to choose Network Interface Card for computers with multiple NICs
  • New! Ability to view each packet's results in a chart or by details *
  • New! Random packet sizes between Min and Max setpoints *
  • New! Test packets are built on the fly using random text (no more compression issues)
  • New! Multi-User prefs file - Test settings can be shared or specific by MAC address *
  • New! Option added to test for a number of seconds (creates packet sizes automatically)
  • New! Option to test only one direction (ie. only write test to shared folder)
  • New! Email options now support new mail server requirements (, Gmail, etc.) *
  • New! Command Line Builder (automatically builds the command line options that you need based on your current settings *
  • New! Completely rebuilt user friendly modern interface
  • New! High DPI support - extra crisp text and graphics for MS Surface Pros, 4K, 5K, & Retina displays
  • New! Click & drag to resize LAN Speed Test windows (very helpful when viewing log, etc.)
  • New! Mac OS release is 64 bit
  • New! Optional Windows 64 bit build available
  • New! Mac OS & Windows versions can now utilize multi-core processors
  • Updated: Progress bar and cancel button allowing user to cancel at any time
  • Updated: Up to 1000 packets *
  • Updated: Viewing results by Average, Maximum, and Minimum throughputs *
  • Updated: Log results to .csv file with user configurable file location. All entries are SQL compatible for easy importing into SQL Server, MySql, etc.) *
  • Updated: Option to log Avg, Max, & Min automatically *
  • Updated: View/Edit Log built right into LAN Speed Test *
  • Updated: Network Scan (see other devices on your network, keep notes about them, etc.) *
  • Updated: Run multiple tests automatically - any number of tests from 1 sec to 24 hrs apart *
  • Updated: Open/Save all options and results to .csv file *
  • Update: Binary and Decimal mode display correctly (ie. 1 MB or 1 MiB, etc.) *

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