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Version History of LAN Speed Test (v4)

4.2.0 (08/30/18) – Third Public Release

  • Fix: When testing in 'Silent' mode, LAN Speed Test could get stuck on startup and would either never finish the test or error after a long period of time
  • Update: Other bug fixes and internal updates

4.1.0 (02/10/18) – Second Public Release

  • Fix: Windows - Registration screen - cursor would stay on the left side of key text box
  • Fix: Mac - Registration screen - paste from keyboard would not work
  • Fix; Command Line Generator misspelled /Silent-True
  • Fix: When performing a large test, and user decides to cancel, it looked like everything canceled correctly, but process could continue to run the test in the background
  • Fix: Windows - When testing over 4 GB (5 GB packets or 10 Packets of 500 MB, etc.), data size displayed incorrectly and results were incorrect
  • Fix: Mac - When testing to smb:// instead of to a mounted folder, LST would crash
  • Fix: Windows - Windows setup did not give option of where to install LAN Speed Test
  • Update: Registration screen - strip out spaces, line feeds, etc. that could make registering difficult when using copy / paste
  • Update: Add more information if registration does not work:
  • Update: Don't show as much fraction in results
  • Update: Add option to change the way packets are recreated after the first one (open and overwrite file or re-create file). Some NAS's test better one way over the other. If the NAS that you are testing to is slower after the first packet, change this option.
  • Update: Windows - faster User interface
  • Update: Other bug fixes and internal updates

4.0.0 (11/15/17) – First Public Release of LAN Speed Test v4

  • New! Now available for Mac (and Windows) users
  • New! LAN Speed Test and LAN Speed Test (Lite) are now the same application/download
  • New! Ability to choose Network Interface Card for computers with multiple NICs
  • New! Ability to view each packet's results in a chart or by details *
  • New! Random packet sizes between Min and Max setpoints *
  • New! Test packets are built on the fly using random text (no more compression issues)
  • New! Multi-User prefs file - Test settings can be shared or specific by MAC address *
  • New! Option added to test for a number of seconds (creates packet sizes automatically)
  • New! Option to test only one direction (ie. only write test to shared folder)
  • New! Email options now support new mail server requirements (, Gmail, etc.) *
  • New! Command Line Builder (automatically builds the command line options that you need based on your current settings *
  • New! Completely rebuilt user friendly modern interface
  • New! High DPI support - extra crisp text and graphics for MS Surface Pros, 4K, 5K, & Retina displays
  • New! Click & drag to resize LAN Speed Test windows (very helpful when viewing log, etc.)
  • New! Mac OS release is 64 bit
  • New! Optional Windows 64 bit build available
  • New! Mac OS & Windows versions can now utilize multi-core processors
  • Updated: Progress bar and cancel button allowing user to cancel at any time
  • Updated: Up to 1000 packets *
  • Updated: Viewing results by Average, Maximum, and Minimum throughputs *
  • Updated: Log results to .csv file with user configurable file location. All entries are SQL compatible for easy importing into SQL Server, MySql, etc.) *
  • Updated: Option to log Avg, Max, & Min automatically *
  • Updated: View/Edit Log built right into LAN Speed Test *
  • Updated: Network Scan (see other devices on your network, keep notes about them, etc.) *
  • Updated: Run multiple tests automatically - any number of tests from 1 sec to 24 hrs apart *
  • Updated: Open/Save all options and results to .csv file *
  • Update: Binary and Decimal mode display correctly (ie. 1 MB or 1 MiB, etc.) *

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