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Our mission is to provide simple portable software solutions that just work!

No complicated installs!

Simple installation program, or just copy the folder and run the program direct. Uninstall by simply deleting the folder and whatever shortcuts you’ve created. No system files, no .dll’s, no add/spyware, and no registry changes. Leaves nothing behind to bog down your computer.

Flash Drive compatible!

Our programs are completely portable! Copy the folder to your flash drive. Plug your flash drive into any Windows version 2000 and up (2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Server 2003 & Server 2008), and it will work! Runs completely from the flash drive, and it leaves nothing behind on that computer.

Free Versions!

A lot of our downloads start out as the free version. There are no time/usage restrictions on this version of our software. If you like it, please help spread the word by passing the free (unregistered) version on to your friends/co-workers. Our free versions limit extreme features of the program. If you don’t need these features – then no need to buy the registered version.

Easy Licensing for Registered Versions!

– One license per household – regardless of the number of computers or people. Business – One license per person using the program – regardless of the number of computers. LST Server is one license per installed computer (so you don’t have to purchase a license for every person testing to the server).

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All of our apps are completely portable!

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