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Version History of LAN Speed Test (Lite)(A=Added, B=Bug fix, C=Change)

1.3.1 (08/14/13) – Tenth Public Release
B – Sometimes LAN Speed Test was not recognizing a network adapter. The IP address was showing up as instead of the real IP address. Network tests would not function.

1.3.0 (07/13/13) – Ninth Public Release – First Mac Release
C – Re-write code in new compiler. This allows for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows, Mac, & Linux executables
A – Ability to choose Network Interface Card for computers with multiple NICs (when testing to LST Server only)
A – Screen Magnification options to make the program window larger on high resolution monitors (via command line /MS0 – /MS9)
C – Optimized testing routines
A – Log Window – Behind the scenes info for easier troubleshooting, logging, etc.
A – Ability to hit <ESC> anytime to cancel the current test
C – Better High DPI support for Windows 7 & 8 and Mac
C – Help updated with formatted display

1.2.0 (09/11/12)
– Eighth Public Release
C – Changed name to LAN Speed Test (Lite)
C – Fixed the Timeout issues with slower WAN connections. Timeout occurred if a packet took longer than 5 seconds to send/receive. The new logic allows up to 60 seconds.
A – Code Signing Certificate
A – High DPI aware in Windows 7
B – Fixed minor display issues in Windows 7
A – ‘Check for update’ link on help screen
C – Minor bug fixes and internal updates

1.1.7 (9/22/11)
– Seventh Public Release
A – HUGE!! LAN Speed Test now builds the large test files on the fly in 1 MB chunks instead of the whole thing at once. Now you can test with an unlimited sized test packet and LAN Speed Test will still only take a maximum of 10 MB of your RAM! This works when testing to a shared folder or to the LST Server.
C – All results are now correctly displayed as decimal instead of binary (i.e. 1 MB = 1,000,000 instead of 1,048,576)
A – Current MB being written or read is displayed in status box
C – Minor bug fixes and internal updates
C – Help file updated

1.1.6 (6/25/11) – Sixth Public Release
This version fixes all known timer issues!
C – New high precision Timer routine – no longer dependent on LAN Speed Test calculating the processor speed. This was causing some issues in very rare situations
A – Automatically downgrades to the standard Timer if your hardware does not support the high precision Timer (Most do)
A – Added /D Command Line option for debug information
A – Tips (‘What do my results mean?’) added to printer page
A – Added some more help information (FAQ, Errors, etc.)

1.1.5 (02/22/11)
– Fifth Public Release
A – Added EULA and more advanced help and error messages
A – Added more options for ‘Folder or Server IP:’ i.e. \\\files (See help for details)
A – More communication options added with LST Server allowing for better logging, etc. on the server end (requires LST Server v.1.1 or greater)

1.1.4 (1/03/11) – Released as part of Calc4all
C – Changed default test file size from 100 MB to 20 MB
A – Add some details to error messages
B – Minor bug fixes
C – Code cleaned and optimized for even smaller/faster executable

1.1.3 (10/1/10)
Fourth Public Release
A – Added support for LST Server
A – Help screen added
A – Enhanced the timer resolution (same as v2.03)
A – Miscellaneous UI improvements

1.1.1 (7/12/10)
Third Public Release
B – On very fast transfer rates, bit calcuations were so high that the results went into scientific mode and would show negative (Thanks John!)

1.1.0 (7/16/09)
Second Public Release
A – Added option to keep the file created on the destination
B – Fix font issue when printing
B – Other minor fixes

VERSION – 1.0 (1/15/09) – (First Public Release)

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