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Version History of Calc4all
* Indicates a feature that is available after registering Calc4All

4.2 (9/30/21) - Third Public Release of Calc4All v4

  • New! Running Total added to the status bar
  • New! Mac version runs natively on M1 and Intel Macs
  • New! Line graph that shows the details of Loan Amortization all in one graph
  • Updated: Pie chart now shows Insurance, Taxes, and PMI on Home Loans
  • Updated: Application icon size is now correct for newer versions of MacOS
  • Fixed: Tape display did not re-size correctly when the stopwatch was hidden resulting in the bottom two lines of the tape not displaying
  • Fixed: Equal button would not always line up correctly when Calc4All was resized
  • Fixed: Stopwatch numbers would look like they were shaking when counting
  • Fixed: Loan Amortization table would not sort correctly
  • Fixed: Pie Chart Legend would not always display
  • Other minor enhancements and updates

4.0.1 (12/19/18) - Second Public Release of Calc4All v4

  • Fixed: 'NilObjectException was not handled' error followed by a 'Calc4All could not create tables' error could pop up when starting Calc4All - and then would close Calc4All.

4.0 (12/10/18) - First Public Release of Calc4All v4

  • Updated: Re-write code in a new compiler
  • Updated: Win 7 (SP2) to the latest Windows 10
  • Updated: Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) to the latest MacOS Mojave
  • Updated: Cleaner interface
  • New! Portable option making it possible to share the prefs file between Windows, Mac, etc.
  • New! HiDPI and Retina Compatible
  • New! Light and Dark mode compatible for Mac Mojave and above
  • New! Option to use +/= key on laptops/desktops as + (without having to hit the shift key). I'd be lost without this feature now. *
  • New! Decimal and thousands separator can be customized for your locale
  • New! Up to 32 digit accuracy
  • New! Calculator can be any size by just dragging at any corner to make bigger or smaller (text size, buttons, etc. get bigger/smaller as well)
  • New! Number converter bar to see number systems conversion instantaneously
  • New! History bar to see history while hiding tape
  • New! Tape & stop watch can be hidden to make Calculator smaller in size *
  • New! Main display and tape display - fonts automatically resize to fit all text
  • New! Data Transfer rate added to conversions *
  • Updated: Big updates to Loan section (a solid app on it's own)
    • New! Unlimited loan profiles *
    • New! Export/Import selected loans
    • New! Multi-Select loans for deleting and exporting
    • New! General, Vehicle, and Home loan options (many new options for configuring payments)
    • New! Payment Breakdown chart with more charts coming
    • New! Loan screen, buttons, and text can be resized by simply dragging mouse from any corner of window
    • New! Options to print Amortization schedule and charts when printing a loan
    • New! Mac OS Dark mode compatible

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