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Version History - (A=Added, B=Bug Fix, C=Change)

1.3  (10/11/12) - Fourth Public Release


B - In Burst Mode - Write & Read showing (1) instead of (1-??)

B - Fixed a bug that appeared in v1.2 and was causing a delay in the receive routine.  This caused the write results from LAN Speed Test to be inaccurate (slower).

1.2  (9/15/12) - Third Public Release


C - Faster sends by building test packet once during the test instead of every send

A - Simultaneous test support with LAN Speed Test v3.0 and above

C - Fixed the timeout issues with slower WAN connections.  Timeout occurred if a packet took longer than 5 seconds to send/receive.  The new logic allows up to 60 seconds.

A - 'Check for update' link on help screen

A - Display WAN IP Address

A - Checks for change in WAN IP address every 5 minutes

A - Code Signing Certificate

A - High DPI aware in Windows 7

B - Fixed minor display issues in Windows 7

A - Some internal commands added for future options

A - Add client IP address to 'Table Log'

B - All issues that caused 'Table Log' entries to not start a new line in certain scenarios have been fixed

C - Minor bug fixes And internal updates

C - Help File updated

1.1  (1/21/11) - Second Public Release


A - LST Server now supports multiple NICs (Network Adapters)

A - Added test results To logging If Using LAN Speed Test v2.05 or higher

A - New Table View Logging Option

C - Code cleaned And optimized For even smaller/faster executable

C - Minor bug fixes And internal updates

C - Help File updated

VERSION - 1.0 (9/23/10) - (First Public Release)