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Getting Started

To use this test, Simply run the LST Server from the computer on the network that you wish to test your connection with.  From the client computer, run LAN Speed Test, and type in the ip address (or computer name) of the server running the LST Server in 'Folder or Server IP'.

The server's ip address is shown under 'Server Status' in the LST Server program.

To change the listening Network Adapter (NIC), simply select the IP Address of the NIC from the drop down box under 'IP' and hit 'Reset Server'.

To change the listening port, simply enter the new port address under 'Port' and hit 'Reset Server'.  

Select 'Keep Log File' to keep a file of all logged data in LST Server window.  Press 'View Log' to view the log file.

Select 'Results Table' to keep a table view file of all results of the tests to this server.  Press 'View Table' to view the results table file.

To test WAN (internet) connection make sure your listening port is open on your router/firewall and is pointing to this computer.  Make sure that you are using the WAN address (WAN IP address is under 'Server Status:' in red) at the client's 'Folder or Server IP' option.  Further instructions for testing your internet speed is beyond the scope of this help file.

For more information, see the help in LAN Speed Test or click on our website link above (