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LST Server Option

LST Server is an add-on available at

Do I need LST Server to use LAN Speed Test?

Absolutely not.  Using LAN Speed Test with LST Server writes the test file to the server's memory and takes the hard drive out of the picture for more true network speed results. Using LAN Speed Test without LST Server, writes the test file to another computer's hard drive.  Tests will show slower speeds, but is more of a 'real-world' test as most of the time you are writing files to other hard drives (file servers, etc.).

First, run LST Server on the computer (Server) you wish to test your computer (Client) with.  Next, on the Client, run LAN Speed Test (this program), type in the ip address or computer name of the server in 'Folder or Server IP' (the server's ip address is shown under 'Server Status' in the LST Server program).  Now when you run the test, the file is being sent to (and read from) the LST Server's memory instead of another computer's hard drive.  This takes the slowest device of the network out of the picture for more 'True' network speed accuracy!  In my tests using LST Server, I am seeing network speeds of 700 - 800 Mbps on my 1000 Mbps network compared to 300 - 400 Mbps when testing to the same computer's hard drive!

LST Server uses port 4456 by default.  If it is necessary to change ports, first change ports on the LST Server (instructions are in that program), then add the port # to the ip address with a colon.  i.e.

Also, with this feature, it is now possible to test computers over a WAN (internet) connection to get your internet speed!  LST Server uses port 4456 by default.  Your router (on the network where LST Server is running) needs to forward the port to the computer's IP address that is running LST Server.  Then on the client, you enter the WAN IP address of LST Server.  Further instructions for testing your internet speed is beyond the scope of this help file.  Go to our website for more information.