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When testing to local drives, USB Flash Drives, etc.

The write speeds can be skewed when using small packet sizes (ie. 1 MB) when testing to fast drives, network shared drives, etc.  If you are seeing write speeds way higher than read speeds, use larger packet sizes.  This should even out the results and give you actual drive speeds.

Make sure to select the correct Network Interface

If your computer has more than one network connection (ie. wired and WiFi, etc.), make sure to choose the correct interface by selecting the correct MAC address (from the MAC: dropdown).  When you change MAC addresses, your IP address will change to the address attached to that connection.

This lets you choose which live connection to test with on the fily.  For example, if you laptop is connected to your network with both a wired connection and a WiFi connection, you can do one test with your wired network, then select the other MAC address from the drop-down, and test your WiFi network.