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This configuration screen allows you to set up the built in SMTP email client so that you can email your results manually when pressing the email button, automatically after each test, or only when the results are below your setpoint.

This SMTP email client expects to be connected to the internet when testing.  If you have dialup connection, it will not dialup on it's own before sending an email.

Enable Email Notifications: *

When this option is checked, all emailing options become available to you.  When this option is unchecked, no emails will be sent out, and all emailing options become unavailable.

Manual *

Results will only be emailed when you press the 'Email' button on the 'Results' page.

Always *

Results will be emailed after every test automatically.

Below ____ *

Results will only be emailed when results are below the speed indicated by the slider bar.  This can be very useful in alerting you when connections need to be reset, etc.

SMTP Server Name or IP: *

Enter the DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server to be used to send emails (example:, or, etc).

User Name: *

Enter the user name to be used when authenticating on the SMTP server.

Password: *

Enter the password to be used when authenticating on the SMTP server.

Email From: *

Enter the sender's email address. If you enter a wrong email address, the email will not be sent.

Email To: *

Specify the email address where the emails will be sent. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by comma.

Connection Encryption: *

Most email services require encryption.  Choose the encryption setting from the drop-down list (or None).  For example, gMail and Microsoft's supports 'TLS-SSLTLS'.

Port: *

Enter the port number to be used by the SMTP server to send the emails. For example, gMail requires port 465.  Microsoft's requires port 587.

Send Test Email: *

Press Send Test Email if you want to test the configuration you just entered.  If all the settings are correct, a test email should arrive in your specified email account.

* This option can only be changed after registering LAN Speed Test