Click on this button and LAN Speed Test will scan your local network (i.e. - and display the results in a new window.  Click on a column header to sort by that column.  All columns are sortable.  

Right click on one of the devices to edit the device or do a ping test to that device.  A ping test basically is a way to make sure you can actually communicate to that device.

Please Note...Windows firewall defaults to block ICMP (Ping) messages.  If a computer has windows firewall enabled with default settings, then the computer will still show up on the list, but as '[Unknown Device]' and will block ping requests.  You can add a note or change the name of that or any device if you choose by right clicking on that device and choosing 'Edit Device Information'.

Windows defaults to save IP addresses for a short time even after the computer is removed from the network.  So, even when a computer is shut down or removed from the network, you might still see it listed in the Network Scan for a short time afterwards.

Right click on a device and choose 'Use Selected' to automatically fill in the 'Folder or Server IP' on the main screen with that devices IP address.