Calc4All  (A=Added, B=Bug fix, C=Change)

3.0.0 (3/22/14) - Ninth Public Release


C - Re-write code in a new compiler.  This allows for 32 bit and 64 bit Windows, Mac, & Linux executables

C - User Interface received a complete overhaul - New look & feel

A - Calculator supports multiple sizes

A - Fully High DPI aware in Windows 7 & 8 and Mac

C - Bigger Fonts - easier to read

A - Switch decimal formats with a press of a button (No more going through menus)

A - Repeat last addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division by holding down 'Ctrl' or 'Command' and the correct operator button

A - Conversion works from all Bases (Dec, Hex, Bin, Oct)

A - Data Storage category added to conversions

A - Unlimited number of Loan profiles (used to be 20)

A - Duration of Loan can be in Months or Years

A - Button dedicated to run the custom app of your choosing

C - Updates to the way the 'Tax', '%', & '1/x' buttons function

A - Tape has more formatting (bold, more color options, etc.)

C - Dec up to 16 Chars, Hex up to 16 Chars, Bin up to 32 chars, Oct up to 16 chars

C - Printing code re-vamped - All known bugs fixed

2.9.0 (1/04/11) - Eighth Public Release


C - Name changed from EnCalc to Calc4all

C - LAN Speed Test v1.14 in a button (instead of v2) (for registered users)

C - Price changed from $8 to $5

C - Update copyright text

C - Changed default test file size from 100 MB to 20 MB

A - Add some details to error messages

A - Added uninstall option to Calc4all in start Menu

B - Minor bug fixes

C - Code cleaned and optimized for even smaller/faster executable

2.8.0 (10/15/10) - Seventh Public Release


A - LAN Speed Test v2.0.3 in a button (for registered users)

A - Lock/Unlock each Loan Profile

C - 'Always On Top' Mode now available in unregistered version

C - EnCalc now tries to put .ini file in .exe folder first, if unsuccessful then saves .ini file to application-specific data folder

B - Calculator Mode would not set to Adding Machine in unregistered Version

B - If EnCalc was set as topmost msgboxes (Save, Errors, etc.) would pop up behind EnCalc

B - Fixed window dimensions for Windows 2003 Server

C - Change 'Help' Button to image

C - Changed 'Always on Top' Button to image

C - Miscellaneous small bug fixes

C - Update help file for the new options

2.7.0 (9/14/09) - Sixth Public Release


A - Loan - Compounding Options (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually)

A - Loan - Support for decimals in years (i.e. 1.5, .5, etc.)

A - Loan - Don't allow user to add duplicate names

A - Loan, Area, Volume, FTPC, & Help windows no longer have to be closed before going back to Calculator

B - All windows in EnCalc open on top of calculator now (Some windows opened behind calculator when in 'Always on Top' mode)

B - ESC key will now close all windows in non-registered version

C - Miscellaneous internal changes and fixes

C - Update help file for the new options

2.6.0 (9/02/09) - Fifth Public Release


A - Option to rename Loan Profiles

C - Moved M1 and M2 to same area on StatusBar to make room for Average Calculation

A - Automatic Average calculation added to StatusBar

A - Stopwatch toolbar added above StatusBar with option to hide/display - for registered users

C - Most Special Funcion buttons are now available in all Number Systems (Dec, Hex, Bin, & Oct)

A - Tape File location saved to .ini file

C - Miscellaneous internal changes and fixes

C - Change Version Display

C - Update help file for the new options

2.5.0 (8/14/09) 2.5.0 Build 1492 - Fourth Public Release


C - Code cleaned and modified for new compiler options

A - File Transfer / Network Performance Calculator (Lan Speed Test) - for registered users

A - Printable Amortization Schedule added to Loan Screen

A - Up to 20 Loan Profiles

A - Option to Hide/Display StatusBar

C - Update help file for the new options  

2.4.0 (7/31/09) 2.4.0 Build 1158 - No Public Relese


C - Change Version Display

B - Displays correctly in Windows 98

A - Always on Top option (EnCalc is always on top of all other windows) - for registered users

A - Tooltips on buttons

A - Adding Machine Option (+, - after number & repeat entry)

C - In Calculator Mode then +, -, etc will not repeat entry when pressed multiple times

C - Update help file for the new options

2.3.0 (12/18/08) - Third Public Release


B - Fixed all problems of not finding correct .ini file

A - Option to Hide/Display Tape

B - Fixed digit grouping bug in M1 & M2 (Memory Banks)

A - M1 & M2 (Memory Banks) stored in Encalc.ini file for keeping M1 & M2 even after exiting program

B - Displays correctly in Windows 2000

C - Compressed Exe for even smaller size (EnCalc is now < 100KB)

A - Laptop 10 Key support (No need to even turn on NumLock) - for registered users

C - Updated help section for new options

2.2.0 (6/04/08) - Second Public Release


C - Registration screen displayed on startup is now optional for all versions

B - Fixed bug causing EnCalc to not always find EnCalc.ini file after installation

B - Fixed bug causing random button border distortion on XP & Vista

C - 18 digit resolution for Decimal

C - 8 digit resolution for Hex

C - 32 digits resolution for Binary

C - 11 digits resolution for Octal

A - Colored tape (Red for minus & negatives, Blue for Commands, Headings, etc.)

A - Copy & Paste Shortcuts (Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V)

B - Fixed Paste Bug not allowing it to be used in calculation

2.0.1 (10/03/07) - Initial Public Release


A - Registration Code & limitations of Conversion, Area, Volume, & Loan for unregistered

A - Keyboard Equivalent of Feed is <UP ARROW>

C - Keyboard Equivalent of Chg is now g instead of special instance of Enter

A - Help Button added in place of spare

A - Keyboard Equivalent of Help is F1

A - Add Help Topic - Number systems

A - Add contents of Registration information in Help Topic - Registration (9/27/07) -  Initial Beta Release


Some of EnCalc's Features include...

* Completely portable - No installation needed

* Small (under 500KB) and can run from a hard drive, USB Flash drives, etc.

* Compatable with Win98 SE, 2000, 2003, XP, & Vista

* Very easy to use

* Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, and Octal number systems

* Printable & savable calculator tape

* Loan Calculator

* Area & Volume Calculator in metric or standard with ability to mix all units

* Over 60 unit conversions in categories Temperature, Length, Volume, Weight, Area, Speed, & Time

* Floating Point, Fixed & Auto Decimal

* Tax Button

* Change Button

* Memory Buttons

* Item Count

* And much more!

VERSION - 1.0 - Never publicly released