These are buttons Feed, Area, Vol, Loan, Custom App, and [PIN].  These are special buttons not found on most calculators.  Select these buttons by clicking on them.


This button feeds one blank line on the tape readout.


This button opens up a simple window asking for length and width.  You may mix the units (inches, feet, etc.), but must stay within either metric or standard.  Once entered, choose the units you want the area calculated in and select calculate to calculate the area.  Current length & width and the units as well as metric or standard options are saved to the .ini file and retrieved each time the Area button is selected.  This can be cleared by selecting the clear button.


This button is similar to Area, but adds a depth option to calculate the volume.  Again all units can be mixed.  This makes it easy to calculate things like cement requirements - ie. 10 feet long by 10 feet wide and 4 inches deep calculates 1.24 cu.yards of concrete.


This button opens up a loan calculator window.  You can view and edit current profiles by selecting them from the 'Loan Name' window.  To add a loan profile, just click 'Add' and type in the loan name.  Then enter the amount financed, annual interest rate, duration of loan (in years or months), when the first payment is due, and verify the compounding option.  Select calculate and Calc4All will calculate the monthly payments, principal, interest, amortization schedule, and other helpful information about the loan.  If you select the 'Print' button, Calc4All will print out the loan information and amortization schedule.  To keep the loan profile from being accidently changed, make sure 'Lock this Loan Profile' is checked.  All loan profiles are automatically saved in the .ini file and retrieved each time the Loan button is selected.  There is no limit to the number of loan profiles that can be saved.

 Some common compounding options...

 * United States is usually compounded monthly

 * Canada is usually compounded Semi-Annually

 * United Kingdom is usually compounded Annually

Custom App

This button opens up the Application designated in Calc4All's Configuration options.  Just select the App in the 'Config' screen, then just press this button to open that application anytime.


This button toggles the option to keep Calc4All on top of all other windows.