Brings up the Configuration screen.  This allows you to choose the Calculator Size, change the Current Tax Rate, toggle Laptop 10 Key Support, check for updates on startup, choose a Custom Application, change the custom application tip, and display the inifile location.

Calculator Size

Choose your calculator size preference between Mini, Small, Normal, Large, and Extra Large.

Tax Rate (%)

This value is the tax rate used when the 'Tax' button is used.

Laptop 10 Key Support includes...

No need to use the 'Num Lock'.  Prevents you from having to switch 'Num Lock' on/off multiple times.

'M' = 0, 'J' = 1, 'K' = 2, 'L' = 3, 'U' = 4, 'I' = 5, 'O' = 6, '7' = 7, '8' = 8, '9' = 9, '0' = /, '/' = +, ';' = -, 'P' = ×

Check for update online at startup

Always keep Calc4All up to date.  If this is selected, then Calc4All checks to see if there is an update available on each start.

Custom App.

Choose another application (ie. LAN Speed Test, etc.) to run by just pressing the 'Custom App' button.