Features/ProductLAN Speed Test
LAN Speed TestLST Server
Single Unit PriceFree$6.00$6.00
Completely Portableimage-fullimage-fullimage-full
Easy to useimage-fullimage-fullimage-full
Check for online update at the press of a buttonimage-fullimage-fullimage-full
High Performance Timerimage-fullimage-fullimage-full
Test to shared folder for measuring file server performance, etc.image-fullimage-full
Test to local drive, USB drive, etc.image-fullimage-full
Test to LST Server for measuring true network performanceimage-fullimage-full
Use with LAN Speed Test for measuring true network performanceimage-full
Drop down edit box at 'Folder or Server IP' to remember last 9 entriesimage-noimage-full
Adjustable test packet sizes up to 9 GBimage-fullimage-full
Successive Multiple Packets (up to 1000)image-noimage-full
Simultaneous Multiple Streams (up to 25)image-noimage-full
Test in Decimal Format (1MB = 1,000,000 bytes)image-fullimage-full
Test in Binary Format (1MB = 1,048,576 bytes)image-noimage-full
Progress window with ability to cancel test at any timeimage-noimage-full
Print Resultsimage-fullimage-full
Continuous Mode (Automatically re-start test with lots of options)image-noimage-full
Option to by-pass drive's write caching during testimage-noimage-full
Network Scanimage-noimage-full
Email Results and Alertsimage-noimage-full
Log Resultsimage-noimage-full
Open/Save Testsimage-noimage-full
Selectable Speed Measurements (Gbps, Mbps, Kbps, etc.)
Average, Maximum, and Minimum Throughput resultsimage-noimage-full
Run Test from command line with all testing options availableimage-noimage-full
Debug Window with advanced informationimage-noimage-full